Queisser Pharma can look back over more than 100 years of corporate history boasting a great tradition of extensive knowledge in the health sector.

Foundation of the Queisser Pharma company was due to the zest for action and goal-oriented pioneering spirit of two men. Their desire to help and heal can still be felt today and is the driving force behind our business activities.

In 1897 the pharmacist Alfred Queisser established the company in Hamburg. In those days his company, Queisser, produced toothpaste, liquid soap and creams.

In 1976 the company became Queisser Pharma when it was merged with that of Josef Peter Hennes, the developer of Doppelherz. In 1919 Hennes, the chemist, had started to manufacture a fortifying health tonic made from herbs and other natural essences in Essen. He called it Doppelherz Energy Tonic.

Since the end of the 1970s Queisser Pharma has belonged to Herm. G. Dethleffsen AG & Co KG, a family company famous in Flensburg since 1738.

Since 1987 the headquarters of Queisser Pharma have been located in the former production rooms of a rum manufacturer in Flensburg. In addition to other branded Queisser products, approximately 1 million litres of Doppelherz Energy Tonic are produced, bottled, packed for the market and dispatched from here every year.